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Thread: Greenbelt definition

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    Greenbelt definition

    We are fighting development on a vacant plot of land designated Greenbelt in previous planning. I have not found a good definition or legal description of Greenbelt. I live in Cincinnati OH. Open space is as close as I can come. Do other cities or communities have a plan for "greenbelt" definition and use?

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    Greenbelt. A series of connected open spaces that may follow natural features such as ravines, creeks, or streams. (Austin, TX).

    ...An irrigated landscaped buffer zone between development and woodlands, usually put to additional uses (e.g., golf course, park, etc.) (Washoe County, NV).

    Cited in Planning Advisory Service Report No. 491/492 by Michael Davidson and Fay Dolnick. A Glossary of Zoning, Development, and Planning Terms. 1999.

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    live in Cincinnati too, and its a shame they are building in an area the public was promised as a greenbelt. I am guessing you live in Greenhills or Mariemont.

    Your best defense is to check the plat of the area designated as a greenbelt. Hopefully, the recorded plat will have a covenant or resrtiction that prohibits structures or removal of vegatation. You will also want to check the village zoning code.

    If all else fails ask to see the Village Land Use Plan. Undoubtably, the land use plan will designate the area to remain in its natural state, not for the construction of single family homes or commercial uses. The developer proposing the issue should be required to request a zone at a public hearing, then bring up the land use plan, village history of the preservation of the greenbelt, get as many friends and neighbors to attend the hearing as possible and youll have a shot.

    The two villages that have greenbelts in Cincinnati are nationally recognized for their design, not to mention the added character and the sense of community they bring. Perhaps most importantly to the general public is the preservation of property values as well.

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