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Thread: Mondragon-like (Vert Hues) Coopereative Society

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    Mondragon-like (Vert Hues) Coopereative Society

    Loking for progressive cooperators and communities to develop amalgamation of worker and consumer cooperatives to meet the essential need of a redeveloping neighborhood(s)

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    Mondragon-like (Vert Hues) Cooperative Society

    why do people respond with the same message?

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    Mondragon-like (Vert Hues) Cooperative Society

    Anybody out there interested in pioneeing a Mondragon-like
    workers' (green)cooperative society?

    Please contact me.

    Thank you.

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    Mondragon-like (Vert Hues) Cooperative Society

    I am doing some research on the Mondragon coopertive and it's success. As a graduate student, I am very interested in those initiatives and opportunities to deal with social change. I hope that you will send me more information on what you propose.

    Thank you. L. Smith

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    Mondragon-like (Vert Hues) Cooperative Society

    Please contact me.

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