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Thread: Golf course access road

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    Golf course access road

    In response to: Golf Course Access Road posted by Bob Forsythe on January 27, 2000 at 19:08:52:

    A local developer plans to build a golf course on land zoned agricultural. The proposed plan includes an access road from a residential street. The land to be used for the golf course is next to a major access road, and plans could be modified to use it. I speculate that the developer has done this to either cut costs or to draw traffic to the residential road on purpose. The access road in its current location is the most direct way to the proposed club house. Also, to fund the course, a housing development is planned. The housing development will require a change in zoning from agricultural to residential, but cannot be approved until a local moratorium on subdivision is lifted. Local residents are opposed to the golf course in part because of the increased traffic on a residential road. A hearing will be conducted regarding whether a conditional use permit should be granted to the land owner. Does anyone know of other situations like this? Were residents successful in denying the permit or getting the plans changed?
    Most likely, the existing road allows the developer to have more lots than he would otherwise. I'm not sure what environmental laws you have in your state. Here in California we could (and undoubtably would) ask the developer to do traffic and noise studies in order to meet California Environmental Quality Act requirements. Is that something you can require of them? If so, I'd do that. I've seen a lot of projects out here changed or denied because of road and noise issues.
    Very similar situation here Bob, however, secondary access is not proposed. My question does anyone have a quick response to how much of a traffic increase has been observed, post golf course development (no housing construction). I tend to anticipate the traffic staggard and not significant, similar to if the property was developed for residential purposes. Does anyone have any comments?

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    Golf Course Access Road

    I think the level of significance depends on how big the existing residential street that they're proposing access from happens to be. I don't think golf courses generate all that much traffic, but if the residential street they want to take access from already has a problem, more traffic would certainly contribute to it. If they were building their own access road, I wouldn't see any traffic problems.

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