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Thread: Land use issues concerning cemeteries

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    Land use issues concerning cemeteries

    What factors should be considered when determing the proper location for a cemetery?

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    lnd use issues concerning cemeteries

    Water table height, frost depth, land erosion properties... I'm not an engineer, but those are some of the things I thought of.

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    lnd use issues concerning cemeteries

    Just finished rezoning a site. Groundwater and surrounding wells were an issue. I can provide a copy of the report.

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    lnd use issues concerning cemeteries

    If you ever propose to develop a residential subdivision on top of an old cemetery, make sure you move all of the bodies to another location first. I once heard about a developer that built the houses right on top of the old cemetery, and the residents started having all kinds of problems. As I recall, evil clown dolls came to life, dead bodies surfaced in the pool, a bedroom closet turned into a netherworld vortex, ghosts meandered through the halls, and houses began to implode.

    I don't believe FEMA has a contingiency fund to cover supernatural occurences and related disasters.

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