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Thread: Campus plans - colleges and universities

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    Campus plans - colleges and universities

    Here in Washington DC, an intensely built urban environment with 37 historic districts, including those protected by federal legislation, we are wrestling with the campus plan process. More than a dozen large institutions constitute the largest land users (other than the federal government). Yet the city's economy is dependent on the palette of taxes paid by residents living cheek-by-jowl with the expanding colleges and universities.

    I chair the zoning and historic preservation committee of our most local level of government, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission in Georgetown. Several campuses are about to submit 10-year revisions to campus plans. Many others are expanding.

    Our Zoning Commission/municipal Office of Planning are about to focus a major effort on revamping the campus planning process (it is promised). Anxious to learn of "best practices" or successful town/gown programs. Will keep you in the loop, if you'd wish.

    Please contact with resource citations, community experiences, questions.

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    campus plans - colleges and universities

    We have completed a review of our zoning bylaw as it applies to a large university in our City. Please contact via email and I can provide a report

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    campus plans - colleges and universities

    I believe the Florida Administrative Code outlines a set of detailed campus master planning procedures. You should be able to access the FAC online or via Westlaw/Lexis Nexus.

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