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Thread: Schools in residentially-zones areas

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    Schools in residentially-zones areas

    A private K-12 school has applied for a special permit to build in a residentially-zoned area in a CT town. Neighbors in opposition have questioned whether residential districts are the appropriate zones for schools. Has anyone researched this? I would like to know about journal articles or book chapters that explain the basic land use planning philosophy that schools are integral parts of communities and so should be placed near to (within walking distance of) the homes sending schoolchildren. I am not asking about impacts of schools in residential areas (the special permit requirements will handle that)- but a more fundamental question about the siting of schools and residences together. Thanks.

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    Schools in Residentially-Zones Areas

    Take a look a Colombia, MD where the entire town is centered around schools. You obviously don't have much of a population boom, or problem with sprawl if your worried about locating schools outside residential zoning districts. Make a special exception in your ordinance...no big deal.

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    Schools in Residentially-Zones Areas

    Even though schools requires an "Institutional" zoning in my community, our official plan contains a policy that allows institutions to to located in any land use designations, subject to rezoning in accordance with O.P. criteria.

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    Schools in Residentially-Zones Areas

    Not only do our residential zoning districts permit schools as a conditional use, but our neighborhood plans and master plan actually identify potential school sites, all located in residential areas. Where better to locate schools but near the students? At the same time, is there a worse location than on a busy commercial street or industrial district? At the same time, we look for good sites -- central to students, good vehicle and pedestrian access, buffering such as a park, etc.

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