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Thread: Fines for non-compliance with zoning

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    Sep 2005
    East St. Paul, Manitoba

    Fines for non-compliance with zoning

    With respect to enforcement of zoning by - laws or ordinances would any one know if there are other mechanisms in place to fine individuals for non compliance. We are compelled to use the summary conviction process through the courts. I am looking for ways that we can write a ticket and then appear in court similar to the traffic tickets issued by a police force. Any information
    would be appreciated.

    Ed Arnold
    Selkirk Planning Board

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    In Arizona we have hearing officers. The violation citation hearing is attended by the cited party and the inspector and the officer hears the case and assesses the fine and judgment. If the violation is not abated (or the h.o.'s decision not appealed) the case then goes to the courts for enforcment.

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    As you can see Ed...Arizona's neighborhood specialist believe in"Guilty" until you can pay your way out with a donation to our varance procedures. With the average citizen's income and knowledge of his protection of civil, federal and constitutional law, We as a city can out last them with our unlimited funds (tax dollars) and unexhaustable legal smoke and mirrors. The added bonus is we get neighbors/citizens to spy and implicate each other...It's an endless money pit for our job security and surprizingly the HOA have made us able the intimidate the older and poorer folks who are not even in HOA's! No longer is the individual right...We the government are!!!! Come join us take every right their forefathers fought and died for...It's fun to see them lose what funds they have and remove the dignity they thought they had as homeowners. Free American? not-so-in- Arizona

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