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Thread: Land use incentives

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    Land use incentives

    I'm looking for examples of ordinances or success stories
    of such that deal with landscaping, community clean-up,
    demolition of dilapidated houses/buildings, etc. that offer
    positive incentives for compliance in addition to punishment
    for violation of such ordinances. I'm working for a small town
    that has hired me to write a zoning ordinance. They desire
    to clean up the town, by forcing property owners to remove
    all unsightly rubbish and dilapidated structures. I don't believe
    a zoning ordinance will solve thier problems. Instead, I want to
    convince them to adopt a group of ordinances and campaigns
    that will encourage land owners to take better care of their
    properties. I welcome any advice you can offer. Thank you.

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    Land use incentives

    I've long argued that the tax code is one of the best tools for something like the situation you describe. It's good that the town is ready to consider using the stick as well as the carrot. I could start a thread on planning peeves about the march of different administrations that promise incentive programs. Use the stick dammit!

    Depending on the laws of the state you are working in, this can be done in a couple different ways. Most involve setting up a panel that make determinations based on findings that are laid out in the special ordinance. Such as a nusiance assesment, or simply setting the tax assesment at the asking price, if the property has one.

    There are no success stories that I have heard of, lots of failed incentive programs.

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