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Thread: Land use adjacent to railroads

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    Land use adjacent to railroads

    Does anyone have any thoughts about zoning land adjacent
    to railroads? I would assume that there would be some link
    between industrial uses and the lines, but I notice that,
    in practice there is actually quite a lot of residential.
    Also, is there a fundamental difference between freight
    lines and passenger lines? What are the historical

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    land use adjacent to railroads

    Interesting issue, and I don't know of any good studies concerning it. My own experience is that railroads are a real problem in residential areas. (Safety, noise, dust from coal cars, and exhaust from idling locomotives have all been the subject of complaints.) But as you point out, there are already lots of residential areas (usually older residential areas) that are near railroads. All I can say is, try not to put more houses next to the tracks.

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