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Thread: How to re-zoning land?

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    How to re-zoning land?

    I have got 5.4 acres vacant, wooded land in St. Charles, IL currently zoned agricultural. It is surrounded from residental lands. I want to sell this land but I was advised first to re-zone it into residental.

    What can I have to do?

    Which are the steps to do this, how long usually it takes, how much it will cost?
    Who is better to hire to do this job for me because I am now out of the USA?
    I will be very thankful If someone can help me.

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    How to re-zoning land?

    Well, the process generally involves three steps.

    First, you need to apply to the city or county planning department. The application needs to include a description of the property to be rezoned, what zoning you'd like to have, and the application fee. Also required will be the owner's signature, or the signature of someone with power of attorney for the owner.

    Second, you, or your representative, will need to go before the Planning Commission for the public hearing on your case. As the applicant, you have the responsibility for presenting the reasons why the zoning you are requesting is more appropriate for the property than the current zoning. At the hearing, neighboring property owners and anyone else in attendance can speak in favor of or in opposition to your request. The Commission will make a recommendation to the legislative body (city council or county commissioners) about your request.

    Third, the legislative body will either approve or deny your request, based on staff recommendation, the planning commission recommendation, and public opinion. You or your representative probably want to be at this meeting as well.

    Good luck.

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    How to re-zoning land?

    Thank you for the advice!

    Do I have to make an environmental study?

    Do you have an idea how much (approx.) it will cost to re-zone the property?

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