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Thread: Auto dealers: well we got to stop somewhere

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    Auto dealers: well we got to stop somewhere

    Several years ago an auto dealership bought the first two residential properties next to mine.First they rented them.They then tore the first one down and paved the lot for added parking.The dealership then went to the city and got the zoning changed to match their original lot.They will be taking down the other house to add more parking etc..I asked the city council for the same zoning at the public hearing .I was told , well we gotta stop somwhere.I now border Airport Zoning to the rearand Commercial to my left. Any thoughts ? Idea's?

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    well we got to stop somwhere

    The first thing I would do is check and see what your City/Town et al shows in their Comprehensive Plan/ General Plan for this specific area. If it ishown as commercial, then you would have a chance to get it rezoned. They the zoning changes to your side rezoned from residential to commercial without the plan showing it as commercial, you have a case to sue.

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    well we got to stop somwhere

    In regards to my problem. It now appears that the city and my commercial neighbor to my left will be doing a land swap..now the road will veer close to 45 degrees after passing my house.This will be done to line up a new intersection at the end of the road.You see ,at the end of my road my commercial neighbor bought diner across from them. This diner sits on the corner of a triangle..I guess a swap and intersection will be good for safety and such.. But what about me? Am I now a corner lot? Or did " The Line Stop Here/?"

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