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Thread: Gated communities

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    Gated communities

    I am currently writting a report for university. My topic is Gated Communities. I would like to know if anyone lives in a gated community; the advantages/disadvantages, the issues, problems, the society, any information will be of great help.

    Also is there any internet sites regarding this topic?

    Thank-you for ur time.

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    Gated Communities

    You probably already know about the book, "Fortress America," I believe it is.

    I just read an article today in the Atlanta Business Chronicle indicating there is high market demand for gated communities and a supply that is not currently matching the demand, in the metro Atlanta area.

    Despite high demand, I'm not too keen on them myself. The private streets part of it bothers me, as it seems private streets tend to come back and haunt the local government at a later date. I wrote a long piece at one point for a local government on why private streets are a bad idea. Let me know if that interests you. On the other hand, some folks just view the private streets in gated communities as reducing the local government's share of street and drainage maintenance responsibilities.
    Jerry Weitz

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    Gated Communities

    If you're searching for sites about gated communities, you have at least two:




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