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Thread: Zoning on our property

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    Zoning on our property

    We purchased our property 3 years ago and have been running our business out of our home for 2 years. We believe our property was zoned Agriculture-3, but we just received a letter from our County telling us we are not in compliance with our zoning law, R-3. Our zone was somehow changed without our knowledge, and now we are required to remove all of our equipment from our property. Any suggesions?

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    zoning on our property

    If the zoning was indeed changed, and if indeed your equipment was on the property on the day it was changed (ie you were using the property as you use it now) you should have a valid nonconforming use. which you could continue but not expand or change. But the first question is the IFs. Was it really zoned A-3? was your present use in place when the change was made.

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    zoning on our property

    Find out what the zoning was on the property when you started your business, and if your business was allowed under than zoning. IF you were a legal conforming use when you started, then even if your zoning was later changed, you can still continue your use (as a legal non-conforming use). But be aware than you probably can not expand the business, and that if you cease operations for an extended period of time, you may not be able to restart them. Some places don't let you resume a non-conforming use if out of operation for six months or a year. Check with your zoning authority.

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