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Thread: Impact fees

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    Jan 2005
    Philadelphia PA

    Impact fees

    Do you have to pay an impact fee on a house that is being moved if the house has been occupied in the last 24 months

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    impact fees

    As with all things, it depends. Impact fees are generally charged whenever a new user comes on the system, or something changes that will increase the demand on the system. Assuming you're talking about utility impact fees (water and/or sewer), then you'd probably have to pay them if you are getting a new water meter and adding a new user to the system. You might not if you were "moving" a user between two places within the system (such as if another house can't be built on the home's original site). Then you aren't adding any new users to the system.

    If you do have to pay the impact fee for a new meter at the house's new site, at least you can advertise the old site as being ready for use since the purchaser won't have to pay the impact fee for a new meter there.

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