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Thread: Temporary or portable garages

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    Temporary or portable garages

    Hey All:

    I'd be interested in hearing from anyone out there with any insights on this issue.

    Out here in Manitoba it seems that tepmorary/portable quansit (sp?) huts made from aluminum tent poles and covered with fabric are being sold as cheap shelters for personal vehicles. These "structures" are not defiined or covered in our provincial building code (therefore no inspection is possible) and may or may not be anchored to the ground. While these buildings may indeed be enginered, thay may be more suuited to more temperate climates which don't have to worry about snow loads. Out in the rural/agricultural areas these structures don't present too much of a concern as they have are unlikely to affect neighbours, but how should they be dealt within urban settlement areas.

    The thinking around our office is that in urban settlement areas, municipal councils have a couple of alternatives:

    1. prohibit these "structures" in all residential zoning classifications; or

    2. define such "structures" as acessory buildings and make them permitted with approval uses in reesidential classifications.

    3. Allow these "structures" to be permitted-by-right.

    Anyone out there have alternative suggestions.

    How are others out there dealing with these "structures" from a building code enforcement perspective.

    All comments are welcome - please send all responses to (email address deleted)

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    How Is Everyone Dealing With Temporary or Portable Garages F

    I am currently a national account manager for a company that manufactures unengineered portable shelters, garages, canopies, and greenhouses. I have found that in an urban setting it really depends on the individual town as to what is and what is not acceptable. For instance affluent towns such as West Hartford(CT) will not allow any structure engineered or not, where as rural communities such as Willington(CT)have no specific guidelines in place. It appears that the more developed and congested the area the less tolerant they are for these structures. I do national and limited international sales due to high shipping costs, but we are selling all over the country units as large as 48'w23'h78'L being used from everything from hay storage calf barns to garages, and have had very little problems with building codes

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    How Is Everyone Dealing With Temporary or Portable Garages F

    In response to: How Is Everyone Dealing With Temporary or Portable Garages Froom A Buildiing/Zoning By-Law Perspective posted by Alvah C. Luce on November 30, 2000 at 18:28:39:

    Originally posted by (User Above)
    i think it sucks that ya can't put it where ya need it to be . they let you think you are free but then the township has to step in on your privacy and say no it can't go there
    it has to be here with it like this way on your own property if your friends around you don't have a problem with it why should they it sucks Big time i have a portable garage in the perfect spot on my property and it doesn't bother nbo one noe i have to move it after 3 1/2 years to an area on my lot where it will block other people's view can't get a variance due to it being a temp structure now that sucks @!!!!!!!

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