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Thread: Regulations for outdoor display

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    Aug 2003
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    Regulations for outdoor display

    We are having a problem with retail businesses displaying goods in their parking lots, and are looking to restrict this in some way. Does anyone have any existing language which deals with regulating outdoor display? Thanks!

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    Regulations for outdoor display

    I know what you mean. Big boxes with trampolines suspended from the walls. Playsets strung along the sidewalk in front of the building. A half-dozen pop machines clustered around the door with backlit signs garishly glowing at night. Garden centers with half-dead plants stuck in the parking lot behind a "fence" of cinderblock-supported posts and rope. A temporary greenhouse that stays up most of the year.

    We are just beginning to grapple with this. What we have adopted includes limiting outdoor vending machines and the hours of lighting, and limitations on outdoor display through site plan approval (new developments only).

    As an economic development agency, we have been the developer of commercial property. In these locations we have pre-empted the problem by attaching covenants which run with the land, restricting these activities.

    I would likewise be interesting in finding out how others deal with the ones who 1) don't buy property from us or 2) do not need to come in for site plan approval (new development or alteration).

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    Regulations for outdoor display

    We have developed regulations for dealing with the outdoor display of merchandise through our adopted Sign Ordinance. Our situation is such that due to the tourist oriented nature of our community and the fact that all of our traffic must travel along one highway has compelled businesses to compete for visibility to attract as many shoppers as they can.

    The URL to view the language of the ordinance is:


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