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Thread: Gas station adjacent to residential zone

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    Gas station adjacent to residential zone

    We have a proposal for a gas station on property that is adjacent to residentially-zoned and developed property. The gas station is an allowed conditional use in its zone. My question is this: what sorts of conditions have other communities imposed on gas stations in residential areas? I'm thinking about lighting, noise, fumes, hours of operation, etc. By the way, it includes a convenience store that undoubtedly will be selling beer and wine. Any help on that front?

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    Gas station adjacent to residential zone

    Change your code. This is a zoning throwback to the 60s when gas stations sold gasoline. Now the convience store is a junior department store with beer, videos, lottery tickets, fast food, and occasionally a tank of gas.

    I have had to go the other way, allowing apartments as a conditional use next to the "gas" station because nobody wants to buy a single family home next to one of these monsters.

    In the meantime, try to have them close shop by 10:00pm. Lighting should be compatible with the residential character. Dumpsters should be enclosed and not next to the property line. Signage should be at a neighborhood scale. Size should be considered--a 4,000 sq. ft. building may be too much. And the most important is landscaped buffers. An 8 foot fence is not enough. Don't forget frontage landscaping.

    The concept of this as a conditional use is to serve a residential neighborhood need. It should be compatible with the neighborhood. Check your other residential conditional uses and intent statements to see what types of uses fit this concept. If the proposed facility looks like one at an interstate interchange with 50' signs and fast food, it is not a residential conditional use.
    And work on amending your code.

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