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Thread: Monster homes

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    Monster homes

    I am interested in any type of research completed upon the impacts of Monster Homes. I would like to find articles that document reasons why monster homes can be detrimental to a community- issue of compatibility, cost of services, over-consumption, etc. I am open to suggestions--

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    Monster Homes

    Aspen/Pitkin County, Colorado just completed a study of this sort. Go to their website for contact info.

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    Monster Homes

    Monster homes can be detrimental on the basis of shadow impact. I have conducted shadow impact analyses and have represented clients whose properties were being subjected to increased shading due to proposed monster homes next door.

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    Monster Homes

    I live in a gentrifying neighborhood in Denver, Colorado, where there's in inacreasing number of "pop-tops" (second stories being added to single story bungalows) and "scrape-offs" (you know what that is). The City has some publications about how to make additions architecturally comnpatible with the surrounding neighborhood, and the zoning code contains extensive bulk requirements that go beyond setbacks and height. Check out http://www.denvergov.org.

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