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Thread: Street trees

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    Street trees

    In Reply to: street trees posted by MKJ on August 19, 1997 at 17:53:47:

    Originally posted by (User Above)
    I am probably the only planner in the US who does not like street trees in small downtowns. They require enormous nurturing. Public works waters, and tends, and replants. Business owners hate them for obscuring signs. I have always suspected that the tree vandalism blamed on the youth of the town really is perpetrated by merchants who don't like the trees. Trash collects in the street grates. If we want shade in downtown, lets install awnings.

    I am an ardent environmentalist,I love trees, but geeze, lets put them in residential areas, parks and greenways. Lets create clusters mid block.
    The facts and figures support an aggressive urban forestry program. Crime rates, property damage rates, gang participation, etc. are all influenced by environment. There probably are alternate, specific design patterns for your community to help with the practical management issues. However, I've never been in a public design charrette that wanted fewer trees.

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    street trees

    Every city and town is a unique situation. One of my pet peeves is when street trees are part of an urban renewal process and significantly block and restrict the view of historical buildings and architecture.

    (an example, Downtown Augusta, GA)

    also a friend of trees

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