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Thread: Planning? What's that?

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    Planning? What's that?

    Can someone tell me how many trees are cut down each year, and maybe how many are planted again that year? I would REALLY Appriciate it. Thanks.

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    Planning?...What's that?

    I have two favorites: First, "Oh, so you plan roads and things?" Did I say "Civil Engineer"? Second, I work for a hemmed-in suburban community and people generally respond with "Oh, so what can you plan there? Do you just try to take over other cities?"

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    Planning?...What's that?

    Pardon me, but I found this site as I was searching for the Trees Atlanta web site. I think that maybe you planners need some good P.R.-- get the word out about just how important these impervious surface ratios, zoning regulations, development codes, etc. are. Not in zoning-speak, of course, but in terms that people can understand--drainage, flood control, stream protection, etc.

    What you do is every bit as important as what doctors, lawyers, or anyone else does. In some ways,
    even more important, since we cannot always control what happens to our living space. Our living
    environment impacts on all aspects of our lives, and unfortunately many people do not have a good understanding of what makes this environment more livable. Everyone should know what an urban planner does.

    - a physician

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    What is Planning?

    Can anyone tell what is Urban Planning? Someone once
    told me that Planning is the same as Communism. We do
    not need any more Socialist. Look what happen to

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    What is Planning?

    Who said you can't choose what your house or your office looks like? Don't presume that just because there are some rules about what you can do with property that the owner isn't still the person with the most control over it. I mean, there are laws about what you can do with your car, your gun, and even your computer, but they are still all yours.

    It sounds like those area are victims of bad planning, but since planning is ultimately a local thing, only the members of those communities can determine what kind of planning they want, good or bad, and what kind of community they want, whether it meets your aesthetic tastes or not.

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    What is Planning?

    * Planning is a way to show everybody that despite all pro and con, only 'the money' tells you what you can do or not--and this is true for both social systems capitalism and communism.

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    Planning?...What's that?

    I recently told someone I was an urban planner and their response was, "What kind of trees do you plant?" - I replied "URBAN PLANNER, not PLANTER!"

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