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Oh my God. No wonder planners aren't taken seriously! The rest of this response may be quite obvious to the rest of us, but here goes...

Does anyone actually know what this person does for a living? Sounds to me like he "facilitates" raves. The new aesthetic? Hmmmmm. Organising venues for meth and acid-tripped kids is an incredibly productive use of an expensive education!

Further, I hope everyone reading this person's rant aren't persuaded that all people from rural areas are; 1) functionally illiterate, 2) incredibly naive, 3) seemingly uneducated, and, 4) interested in popularizing illegal activities.

Did planning school not teach you THE most basic thing about our profession? Planning is political!!! "Established Planners", (whatever they are!?) have no power. They are employed in an advisory capacity ONLY. They DO NOT set policy. I must wonder what school neglected to inform you of this. Thank God I didn't go there, (not their, by the way - just to hit the point home a little deeper).

You really don't think that those suburban dwellers live in some utopian environment? Or do you? Their life is sterile. Ever been on a suburban street lately? Holy homogeneous parking lot, Batman! They live there because they don't think they have a choice. They are scared of metropolitan environments because, (along with a host of other reasons) the media has frightened them, (and because people like you perpetuate illegal behaviours). I live in an extremely cospmopolitan downtwn neighbourhood, with lots of old warehouses, but I don't want all night raves happening next door to me either! Don't blame suburbanites. They perceive themselves as being unsafe. Ergo, they are, and they have left. Wait until you have children.

A solution for your problem with insular suburban neo-conservative boomers? Turn your frustration around and use that energy to lobby the real power, (ie. elected officials) to bring forth a more inclusive social policy structure that might help those lost souls inhabiting the inner-city that scare the living hell out most people. Or work from the inside, like the rest of us. Different means - same end. Remember, people, (without guns, I might add) make a city, not buildings. By the way, I'm not a liberal, just a realist.
Hi, I agree with much of what you said, Robin, but you misspelled cosmopolitan. Those without fault must cast the first aspersion. Realism is too depressing, join the optimists. Me thinks thou overateth thy spelling. Nice british variation on behavior, though.