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Thread: I know this guy/gal and......

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    Feb 2004
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    I know this guy/gal and......

    I know this guy.... that runs an apiary (you know, beekeeping) business and we go back many years. I met him just as he was getting his business started and I'd say we fall into each other's "friendly acquaintance" category. One time I did him a solid and helped him out with the zoning/planning end of things when he was moving to another community. Ever since that time if I've needed large quantities of honey (like when brewing mead) I've been able to purchase gallon sized containers from him at very low cost.

    I have an uncle who worked his whole life as a plumber/pipefitter for GM. When he was younger/healthier I could always depend on him to help install a water heater, sink, or toilet.

    Do you know someone that you're able to get goods or services at significant discount due to the relationship you have with them? Maybe they work on cars, do hair, or paint houses, but whatever it is they do you have a reciprocal relationship with (as in, you can count on each other to exchange or call in favors)
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    I've got a tree trimming guy that'll hook me up if I need it and I could maybe get some printing done at a lower cost if I asked. Long shot, but I might be able to get some cut rate legal advice. I've never had to ask.
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    we have an in on lobsters right off the boat!

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    Mar 2013
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    I live in a little 1940s neighborhood - small houses and yards. My next door neighbors had a dream of starting an urban farm. They started by building a greenhouse in their backyard and some of the neighbors across the street offered to let them use their backyard for garden plots. I then offered to let them use my backyard for garden plots. In exchange, they bring me fresh veggies on occasion, and if I wanted more I could ask.

    I am also able to ask them to let my dogs out if I have late meetings in the evenings. I even one time asked her to go into my house through the window because I had locked the back door and was afraid I had left a candle burning. Haha. And I watch their cats when they're out of town.

    It's the best of what having neighbors can be, which makes up for the neighbors on the other side...

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    Much of my home improvement work gets done at a discount due to being a project manager for a number of years and making others lots of money.
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    Yes, I know some guys who can get me "things" you know... Ill plead the 5th on exactly what

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    I know this guy who runs a gun shop. When something cool comes in and it is on my wish list, he calls me and offers me first right of refusal. However, now that he is in a different state, it does not work so well.
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