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Thread: What makes America great?

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    Apr 1997
    In a Van Down By the River

    What makes America great?

    In response to: America posted by Jeffrey Baker on July 20, 1998 at 13:40:47:
    : What makes America great?
    The Marlboro Corporation, Ford trucks with illustrations of Calvin pissing on the Chevy logo, NASCAR racing, Garth Brooks, Super Wal-Marts (God's favorite store), Regis and Kathy Lee, USDA-certified beef, "the best health care system in the world", reptiles that say "Bud-Wei-Ser," leaded gasoline, the Interstate Highway System, the PTL Club, Dollywood, Must See TV, TCBY, Chili's, Applebee's, Bennigan's and every other "Great American Steakery and Drinking Establishment," Lee Iacoca, The Stupor Bowl, "Da Bears", Radon, Dioxin, CFC's, the City of Detroit, truck stops, video poker, wrestlemania, Home Alone III, Washington D.C., Corndog on a Stick, Gas Stations who spell simple english words incorrectly (ie "Kwik Way"), scratch and win lotteries, food stamps, our public school system and Norman Schwarzkopf.

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    The recognition (however forgotten and abused) that government derives power from the people, not vice-versa. The ability to disagree (again, however abused). Generosity (we give a new meaning to "give until it hurts").

    Everyone else has their own gimmicks, everyone else tries to expand or discusses their resources. What is really unique about us? A basic premise, even if it's a premise that isn't very well respected in the halls of the "leaders" (and planners).

    I'm wondering what everyone's definition of "great" is, since the answers I've read seem so trivial or negative. How can something you disapprove of be "great?"

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