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Thread: NIMBY I-710 freeway

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    NIMBY I-710 freeway

    The Cities of Alhambra, Los Angeles, and Pasadena, CA are being so selfish. If CALTRANS (California Dept. of Transportation) were to propose the I-710 freeway throught the middle of that city, the city would be just as oppose to the freeway as the City of South Pasadena, CA.

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    that is so true! if the freeway goes though, I'll 1 block away from it. I've lived in so. pas. all my life and i don't want where i grew up to be a fat frickin' slab of concreat! i support you whole heartedly!

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    Typical LA, that's all I can say. It doesn't surprise me at all really, that the government of the most crowded, pulluted, smogged-choked Hellhole on the face of the earth would back such a backward, car-cultured, envirnonmentaly deterimental project as the construction of I-710.

    Have they learned nothing from the devestating effects of the implemtation of the Interstate Highway System? Don't they know that the project will only enable traffic to move an average pace of 1 M. P. H. faster than if there was no freeway? True, I-710 may ease traffic off of other roads for a while, but in a few years, the system will be just as crowded as it is now - miles and miles of highway choked with people going nowhere, gnashing there teeth in snarled traffic, some of them with guns......

    $400 millions seems like a heavy price to pay just to shave off two-minutes on a two hour trip to work. Other alternative projects proposed would cost a fourth of that figure and promote public/pedestrian oriented traffic and save thousands of houses.

    Kudos to the City of South Pasedena in opposing this completely unnecessary freeway link. Their city stands to be cut in half by this backwards-ass project, wiping out over 600 houses. But this is more than just a NIMBY issue. The well-being and quality-of-life of the whole region and indeed the whole country is at stake: For if this link is approved, then that will set the stage for other projects to be approved elsewhere, and car-cultured suburban sprawl will proliferate.

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    there's that cliche again, "that's progress." the 710 has bisected several communities and will travese those you've mentioned. for those unfamiliar to la, this is an internal LINK to other segments of this freeway which are already in place. the only sacrifice are the craftsman houses being removed. nothing else of relevance to the region is being eliminated by construction of this freeway. the debate can be reduced to local vs. regional needs, and south pas vs. alhambra. if the economic status of south pas were more equivalent to alhambra, the extension would not be such a contentious matter.

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