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Thread: Planners do it all: variety vs. quantity

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    Planners do it all: variety vs. quantity

    "Planners do it all!" I've heard more than one planner, exasperated at the challenge of describing planning to a layman, use this phrase. I've even used it myself. But to me, it's always referred to the variety of work planners do and issues they deal with. I'm never taken it to mean that planners actually do all the work going on.

    Why don't other people understand that? On one hand they complain that planning gives a few people, including the planners, too much power to do stuff. On the other, they expect the planners to do everything.

    Does anyone else feel trapped between others wanting both to do everything themselves and you to do everything for them? How do you cope?


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    Planners do it all: variety vs. quantity

    You don't have any young children do you? If you did you wouldn't think being in that position the least bit unusual.

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