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Thread: I just need a break!

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    I just need a break!

    I am so frustrated! I need some advice on how to get that crucial first job in the planning field. I have been out of school for 3 years, and have worked as an Engineering Tech, and now am working as a Digital Mapping Specialist with a small municipality outside of Calgary. I have taken these jobs because I though it would help me "get my foot in the door" but I haven't had much luck. The thing that frustrates me the most is that a secretary here has just been given a planning technician position, and she has no background in planning! It infuriates me! What do I have to do to get a job as a planner. I have learned Autocad, and am now learning GIS!
    I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall! HELP!

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    Hang in there

    I just need a break!

    I have been in the field for 12 years. I wish I could give you some idealistic statement about how my superior intelligence shone so brightly that people were calmouring for me. The truth is, no one out there knows how capable you are or how you will fit with the organization. All they have to judge you by is your resume. I got my first job by applying everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. Consistant follow up is important because you will be one of only 5% or 10% of job applicants that show that much diligence and interest. I took contract positions until I was offered fulltime. I was willing to go anywhere in Canada. I made it clear to a potential employer that I did not see relocation as any kind of hindrance. As a planner in the public arena, I would suggest that the diversity of your background would look pretty good to a smaller community that needs a planner to be a jack of all trades, fill a diversity of roles, and understand alot of topics. Where you are now though, sounds like a dead end. They don't recognize the value of your training. Its been good experience but its time to move on. Good luck

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    Stress Relief/Hobbies of Those In The Profession

    In response to: I just need a break! posted by Planner in Purgatory on June 09, 1999 at 08:27:49:

    Planner in Purgatory (nice nic, by the way!),

    I just got back from the national CIP conference in Montreal. Word is that Toronto is looking for up to 44 new planners! Just thought it's worth a look if you wanted something in Canada! Later!


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    I just need a break!

    Just an observation: I had no idea so many Canadians used this bulletin board. Maybe there should be a separate board for Canadian planners, or at least a place to post Canadian jokes. (Did you hear about the Canadian who got a new snowmobile for his wife? Pretty good trade, eh?)

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    I just need a break!

    The only people in Calgary that need planners are developers and their consultants and once you get into that dark door of creativity there is no prisoners.
    I'm a BFA grad from U of Calgary now completing my Architecture degree from the architecture school in Aarhus, Denmark.During the summers visiting parents I would work in the Urban Land Division putting trees on the cul-de -sacs and benches in theformal neighbourhood park.(as prescribed by some unmentionable New Urbanists from Florida!)

    Where you need to look for work is where there is NOT a boom happening as this is the thrieving ground for poor quality, knock-off design shaken out of the sleeve .
    Go where they are intersted in New Ideas and use thespecific placeness of your education as your selling point. The States for example.

    Good luck

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