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Thread: Adaptive reuse for commercial development: pros and cons?

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    Adaptive reuse for commercial development: pros and cons?

    Does anyone know of a publlication that outlines the pros and cons of adaptive reuse? An article or two would be helpful too. Also, if anyone is aware of any franchises that have a history of reusing older commercial buildings for locations that would be helpful. Thanks

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    Adaptive Reuse for commercial development


    I can help you with an example upon buldings renewed for commercial use.

    Examples are here in my country (Colombia). Please send me more information about size, age, use destination, and other topics about your request.

    (P.D. My english is not fluent)


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    Adaptive Reuse for commercial development

    Hi Rafeal, I am the original author of the question about adaptive reuse. I am a planner in Detroit, MI USA. Our building in our area are quite large. Some have 10,000 sq. feet and over. One building used to be a ballroom where you dance. Many of the buildings were built duing the 1920's and have Art Deco architecture. (I don't know how good your English is but I also know some Spanish, BUT IT ISN'T GREAT).Anyway, the facades need improvement, roofs have leaks and windows are broken. Some are not up to ADA standards so there needs to be an elevator put inside them for compliance and bathrooms have to be made for ADA compliance. I mainly want to know what are the pros and cons of renovation versus building new. Preservationists seem as though price is not a factor. I feel as though price is very important but it seems as though I am by myself on this idea. Please respond. Sorry , I took so long to respond but I had forgotten I wrote the question.

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