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In response to: Is a Master's in Urban Planning good? posted by Douglas Reed on October 30, 1999 at 16:14:40:

As for the short range planner - yes LA is a very important skill to have.
Take myself, an LA aspiring to be a planner. LA's can do extremely complex site planning and plan review; yet we are
kept in a box and asked to constantly just "shrub it up and make it look nice." We have incredible skills that go in to broad and specific depths that
deal with both the site level and the regional level. The problem with the LA profession is the word LANDSCAPE.
Nobody understands it including us LA's. It's the evil "L" word and it keeps us in a predefined clean and sterile box.
Many LA'z would make very capable land use planners; but we can't because many hiring agencies see the "L" word on our degree and laugh.
Perhaps the real planners who know LA's and see that I will have a MURP degree soon will respect what I have to bring to the table?

Summary: A planner should be well rounded and have knowledge about Landscape Architecture and Civil Engineering. THe best planners are ones who
are converts from those fields.