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Thread: Starbucks eeeeevil location strategies

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    Starbucks eeeeevil location strategies

    I am forlorn. Starbucks is spreading its malevolent tentacles through my town , on a mission to destroy locally owned coffeehouses.

    It all started over a year ago. I was pissed when they moved into a prime spot on a nearby mixed use street and bought out (!) the building across the street to use its parking lot , obviously due to the aforementioned inability of yupps to park more than 25 feet from their destination. (The Starbucks owned abandoned building, a 1950s era garage/filling station , was painted gray presumably so it was just blend in unnoticed. Hanging out front is a hideous sign proclaiming it as Parking Space for Frappucino Sipping , SUV Driving Yuppie Fatasses who Can't Walk More than 25 Feet. Actually it simply reads in large black letters STARBUCKS PARKING).
    So that was very very bad, but now I have just heard from my friend that Starbucks is taking over the lease of my favorite coffeehouse in the world, the home of the wonderful Venetian cream , a truly unique and quirky place where the staff aren't perky and wearing green aprons. Starbucks offered an exorbitant amount of $$$ to the landlord and TA DA - they got the lease. And get this - since New Orleans has an anti chain sentiment and this particular coffeehouse appeals to hip, eccentric artsy types, Starsucks will be operating it under another name ! I also learned that they recently surreptitiously bought out part of a locally owned chain so they could enter the historic Garden District without preservationists freaking out.

    I know I read article about Starbucks evil locating practices in other cities, but no longer have it on hand. If you have dealt with Starbucks before, or know any cases where they were kept out of neighborhoods , please let me know. It is not like I can take them on myself...but I am curious.

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    STARSUCKS - E-vil locating tactics

    Kaldi's on Decatur is going to be the next victim - as i wrote, Starbucks offered the landlord a huge sum to take over their lease. CC's Garden District location was secretly bought out by Starbucks to prevent Anne Rice from going ballistic at the idea of them entering the area.

    a rue de la course employee is the information source...

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    Anti-Drive-Thru Planner

    STARSUCKS - E-vil locating tactics

    In response to: STARSUCKS - E-vil locating tactics posted by smarty on October 18, 1999 at 16:30:30:

    THe orginal message about DINK's driving SUV's and not walking more that 25 feet to a frappacino just killed me!!

    I'm writing from the birthplace of Tarbucks, actually about an hour and fifteen minutes north of Seattle. Our town has a pop. of about 65K. If I think real hard I can count six Tarbucks alone in our little hamlet. What's worse is the number of drivethru stands that are popping up in our community. We currently has one of our tarffic/GIS people making a layer in ARC/Info to locate all the drivethru stands. Just imagine that one........

    Tarbucks' may be the big box home wrecker of the coffee world, but druvethru's are the blood clots of downtown.

    Nuff said. And still, I seriously doubt a cafe au lait and begniet (sp??) at Cafe Du Monde with the morning paper would EVER top a double nonfat decaf vanilla mocha latte light foam from the green and grey beast!!!!!!

    Long Live chicory coffee and deep fried bread with powdered sugar!!!!!!!!
    Calling beignets deep fried bread is like calling the Mona Lisa a painting of an ugly woman, which is true but.......
    Anyway, you can add drive-thru pharmacies to that ever-growing list of big box urban plagues. At a recent planning commission meeting, a developer was asked the economic benefits of drive-thru pharmacies, his answer, "I don't really know." Translation - There's no real need for them so why even bother? It's for the convenience of lazy-ass DINKS who have an (sometimes)unfounded and elevated fear/perception of crime. "I'll be safe in this oversized gas guzzler while I pick up my Valiums."

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    There are drive thru STARBUCKS now !

    LOL....too funny. Seems like people will do anything to avoid actually getting out of their polluting suburban assualt vehicles. What's next , drive-thru Gap or drive thru Blockbuster...oops, I better be quiet in case some strip-mall developer is reading the board...don't want to give any ideas...

    In Phoenix, there are new drive thru Starbucks. They look like Taco Bells except for the trademark green ande white sign of the beast....

    All I have to add is that it is no wonder why Americans are getting fatter and fatter...

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    starbucks location strategies

    Before anyone gets too carried away about the old-world charm of European cities, I wouldn't fill out those EU immigration forms just yet. Starbucks-like clones have been popping up all over Amsterdam, replacing old Dutch coffeehouses with their streamlined designs, expensive (and weak) coffee served in paper cups. Their success truly mystifies me: why pay more for a worse product, and consume it a slick environment devoid of any iota of allure or personality? Evidently it does appeal to enough to run the other guys out of town.

    I suppose that's progress.

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    starbucks location strategies

    Why would someone eat at a McDonalds instead of a local cafe? It's a shame people gravitate so much to the mundane, because they know what they'll get. Personally, I won't go to a Starbucks. The world will certainly not be better when all of the little, unique shops are gone.

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