We are eight earth-friendly souls in the middle of rural Georgia, USA,
who want to build our own dwellings out of whatever- reecycled stuff, scrounge, cob, strawbale, carpets stuccoed with concrete, and so on. The woman who started the place already has a non-permitted strawbale that she's been in for almost two years. It proibably would be fine if she where the only one, but there's a whole group of us now, and most of us are in tents or trailers for fear of the building codes! Does anybody familiar with dealing with building codes in the US have any advice for us? We have heard of places like us that somehow attach themselves to an architect or architecture school that can gain a sort of blanket exemption for the place as a research setting, while gaining just that--we'd be very interested in
such a collaboration. Modern housing is in no way sustainable either in terms of materials or energy throughputs. Is there no alternative but disobedience and consequent persecution?