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Thread: Public housing in downtown areas

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    Public housing in downtown areas

    The time has come to realze taht downtown, central city areas do not have to be havens for low- or -no rent housing projects. Downtown has been burdened with these urban reservations long emough. We nee more yuppies downtown to clean thngs up.........

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    Public Housing In Downtown Areas

    And to teach us how to spell.

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    Dec 1998

    Public Housing In Downtown Areas

    I'll ignore the incredibly bad spelling and focus on the message at hand. Yuppies are not the answer to the revitalization of central cities. In fact, some people blame the plight of these areas on the baby boomers (once yuppies) who abandoned the cities for surburbia. The revitalization of central cities is incumbent upon several factors including business reinvestment; an increased tax base; and capital improvement programs such as rebuilding the infrastructure.

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    Public Housing In Downtown Areas

    How about intensive mixed-use development along decent transit lines so people don't have to sit in gridlock to get downtown on highways that carve up downtown neighbourhoods. Look at
    Detroit--no subway or LRT, just that pointless loop. And huge highways downtown. No wonder it's such a rathole!

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