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Thread: You Call That An Exam?

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    Another exam taker

    You Call That An Exam?

    In response to: You Call That An Exam? posted by beentheredonethat on May 17, 2000 at 15:45:36:

    The AICP exam is a joke. Never studied. Don't have a degree in planning. Not in the profession at the moment.

    Still, I aced it in less than an hour.

    Seeing as the results wont be out for weeks I'd say you should probably wait to say you aced it until you get the results.
    It's nice you find exams easy. I don't have problems with exams myself and feel I did well. Other people have problems with tests so you might try to be nice.

    Also how much experience do you have? You've got to have a fair amount especially without a degree or you wouldn't have been allowed to take the test. What is it 7 years experience without a degree or is it more? So if you did "Ace" it then it may just be proof that the exam tests what it's supposed to and that you learned well during your time in the field.

    I do agree the test seemed easier than I had expected, but I don't plan to count it as passed, much less "aced", until I've got the results in hand.

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    Apr 1997
    In a Van Down By the River

    You Call That An Exam?

    I'll admit it was easier than I'd expected. I thought the exam had a more practical feel than material I'd seen from previous years' exams. It took me about an hour to answer all the questions and another hour to go back and double check everything. I am not a cocky smart ass, however, so I will wait and see if I passed before I tell the world what a genius I am.

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