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Thread: So, why is it that ....

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    So, why is it that ....

    : ... when you have an interview for a planning position, and you're turned down for the job, the folks doing the hiring (usually the PD) will _never_, _ever_ tell you why they considered you unqualified for the job? I've had lots of great interviews, but also lots of "we found someone better qualified" letters. I'm tring to find out if there is a "deal breaker," like a bad reference, that is keeping me from getting back in the public sector. Unfortunately, I feel like I'm running head first into some nasty brick walls -- I'm always met with a deafening silence.

    In the interviews that you've had the past year or two, where you might have been turned down for a job, did you ask any of the agency heads _why_ you were rejected? Depressing.
    I asked the County planning director and was told that the guy who got the job had been a supervisor in his previous position and I hadn't (even though the one up for grabs didn't require supervisory experience). They would not recognize my experience as a supervisor in the private sector.

    In a previous position in another County, I was turned down for a promotion because the director said I was too good at the current job and he didn't want to have to train someone to replace me.

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    So, why is it that ....

    ...then you should have told him "If you say I'm so good, how about a few extra bucks to make it worthwhile to keep me here"

    You might say it a little more diplomatically than that, but make it clear that you want to stay but should be paid what you feel you are worth. "Keep the talent happy, I always say"

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    I love this job!

    So, why is it that ....

    Try applying for a position you think is just beyond your reach. One that will challenge you. A good interviewer will recognize your confidence and appreciate it. You may not get that particular position but you are letting them know that you are ambitious, and they may have an alternative position for you. I graduated in May '98 and was turned down for entry level position. When I sent resumes for higher positions, I turned down three offers before accepting a position as the Planning Director in a small city (pop. 26,000) where I receive a very good salary and am getting excellent training for future positions! Go for it! The worst that could happen is you're not offered the job!

    (I declined one offer because the Planning Department was located in a dark corner of the basement! I told them I'm not working for a city that places zero importance on planning...they offered me more money and a better office!)

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