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Thread: Large scale animal processing development

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    Large scale animal processing development

    A city of 40,000 (service and university) is expecting a hog processing plant which will employ 1150 people to start and possible 2200. This can have a great impact on the city and surrounding farmers and towns. If anyone knows of experiences in this or of literature related to this please let me know.

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    Dec 1997
    Huntington, West Virginia

    BOOM - large scale processing development

    Not sure where these cases may be published (Planning Journals or APA), but there were a number of articles on the Boom towns in the west during large coal and other mineral discoveries (70's-80"s) in which small towns in the 1,000-2,000 pop size were overwhelmed by incoming workers from the mining companies. seems that the emphasis was on new housing, overcrowding of public schools, public services, undersized infrastructure and many other social impacts. Much of the discussion was pointed at negotiations with the incoming companies in terms of impact fees and payments to help mitigate some of those fiscal and social impacts on the receiving towns. There are probably a number of EIS's filed with EPA that address these types of "sudden wealth" issues in the US. There are probably a number of studies and publications on the phenomena of boomtowns that may be of use also. Hope that you are successful, that's a lot of PORK headin your way.

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    BOOM - large scale processing development

    I put together a development proposal for a large scale pork plan near Regina, Saskatchewan. We were unsuccessful in this bid. In retrospect, it may have been a blessing. The salary ranges for the development continued to drop to near minimum wage.

    City of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada got the meat packing plant after offering about $10+ million in tax incentives and infrastructure.

    The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation did a recent documentary on the Brandon situation and other similar plants in the USA. You might wish to contact the CBC for the transcripts.

    Any meat packing plant will create a high BOD sewage situation and possible odour problems. If the salary ranges are low, you may also experience a high turnover in employees ... some argue that could result in higher demands for some services such as policing and social services.

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    Feb 1998
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    BOOM - large scale processing development

    Southwest Kansas has experienced a boom in beef processing, and swine appears to be in our future. Try to obtain a copy of "Any Way You Cut It", Donald D. Stull, et al., eds., University Press of Kansas, 1995. While it has a quite liberal political bent, it is a good start for identifying issues. The three greatest issues I have witnessed are the lack of standard housing, the rapid need for increased social services, and environmental concerns. Planning Magazine by the American Planning Association printed an article concerning rapid foreign immimgration to processing plant locations in September, 1997 ("The Newest Americans", by Jim Andrews). Problems associated with rapid growth are real. It is, however, better than the declining growth patterns these communities may otherwise have had--although I will get disagreement on that point.

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    BOOM - large scale processing development

    It seems a Fiscal Impact Analysis should be implemented. However, I can not say what method should be used based upon lack of information.

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