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Thread: Tax increment financing and special improvement districts

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    Tax increment financing and special improvement districts

    I am in the process of gathering information on Tax Increment Finance Districts and Public Improvement Districts. Does anyone know of any good web sites or publications relating to these subjects? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks

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    TIFS and PIDS


    There is much information on the benefits of TIFs and improvement districts. The Urban Land Institute published last year BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICTS by Lawrence O. Houstoun, Jr. The International City/County Management Association (ICMA), and the American Planning Association (APA) have produced articles and technical reports on the subjects as well. The techniques vary widely among the states, so the first place to look is your state statutes. Next would be peer communities that have had success (and failure) with such programs. Your state Municipal League, Association of Counties, and/or American Planning Association Chapter may have already compiled such information. I am trying to educate my community that an improvement district is not necessarily the best answer to all of our revitalization ills. It must be supported by the community, and it must generate the revenues needed for the proposed projects. An extra tax on a struggling business may close it down rather than foster expansion. We need to prove that the benefits match the costs. Tax increment financing must raise property values to produce the "increment".

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    TIFS and PIDS

    I have had considerable success with TIF's over the past several years in New Hampshire. We just established one in Town of Peterborough at March Town Meeting. I think that Maine has gone insane, allowing in my judgement inappropriate uses of this important, but limited tool. As I see it, TIf is another tool in the community toolbox; works best in portions of community where new development is anticipated; and should be focused at a rather limited set of specific improvements. It does not take the place of regular capital improvements; is really only a bookkeeping concept, but wow...It has accomlished much.

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