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Thread: UK shopping centres

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    UK shopping centres

    University of Luton (England)
    Dissertation subject on the popularity of shopping centres
    The reasons for their growth, local economic impact on existing town centres.Any information or anyone studying please help!!!

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    UK Shopping Centres

    You may find it interesting to explore the industry point of view via the International Council of Shopping Centers http://www.icsc.org/ Here in Pennsylvania, shopping centers, in my opinion, are overbuilt due to lack of regional or county controls on developments of regional impact, probably due to lack of specific statutory authority and an unwillingness to meddle with the "invisible hand" of the free market. Planners would have to make economic projections (which , frankly most are not capable of doing),require and analyze market feasiblity studies and develop criteria to deny approvals. Bankers and lenders must bear some blame for financing more than the local economies can support. It would be necessary to document on appeal how the "public welfare" would be damaged by allowing an unnecessary development to preceed. I would be interested in statistics on shopping centers that died prematurely. (Developers do not seem to design or build them for the ages, either.

    Too bad these "disposable" creations destroy so many acres and habitats.) Good Luck with your dissertation!

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    UK Shopping Centres

    You may want to write me directly on this subject (see my post today). I've been working on my dissertation for almost a year now, and have amassed a respectable amount of literature on the subject. A good starting point for the UK is Guy (1998, 1994, etc.).

    David Evers, UvA

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    UK Shopping Centres


    I'm a first year undergrad studying Retail Management and I was hoping you could help me with a project. We have been set the task of finding ways to increase the following question:

    "Examine the role of Carillon Court shopping centre in arrtacting shoppers to Loughborough and assess the effectiveness of its tenant mix in this regard. How can the centre enhance its popularity?"

    Which doesn't sound too bad until you realise that Carillon Court is a centre with 35 small shops in Loughborough town centre. It's anchor stores are W.H.Smith and Littlewoods, it also has Boots all though this can also be accessed from the high street. The main problem is the proximity of Leicester and Nottingham and the fact that the centre cannot expand.

    Any ideas as to how such a small centre could attract more customers on a budget of 45,000 GBP a year would be most welcome.

    Yours, with thanks,

    Catherine Fielden
    Much stressed undergrad

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    UK Shopping Centres

    I too am studing retail development processes as part of my last year hons degree. I am basing my work around Princes Mall, Edinburgh. Any info would be greatly recieved.


    The Guy book is brilliant!

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