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Thread: APA 1997 National Conference: San Diego

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    APA 1997 National Conference: San Diego

    So ... anyone out there going to the big show in April?

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    APA San Diego ...

    I just finished a stint as a member of the Host Committee. I attended the session where you discussed PAIRC, and decided to check it out this evening. Very impressive! I hope you enjoyed the conference, and good luck to you with this enterprise. It looks like a great resource for planners and others who are interested in planning.

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    APA San Diego ...

    Yep, since I lived here I was able to sneak into the ones that interested me. I spent the rest of the time drinking all of the free coffee I could get down in the exhibition room. Shook alot of hands and had a nice time. I loved Mike Moore, he did great for so early in the morning. I liked it, and I was wanting more time for the discussions, the ones with too many panelist made for too short of explainations. I like the starting your own business and the international consulting with HOK, and Gary Hack. What did you think?

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