Sorry for posting this message here but unfortunately, the
Architecture Student Forum is not up and this is perhaps the
forum in which I might receive the advice I am looking for.

My name is Ronald Chung and I am currently working as an
electronics engineer but I am planning on pursuing a future
career in architecture. I am in the process of reveiewing
the first professional M.Arch. programs at the various
schools in order to decide on which ones to apply to. I
would like some advice and direction from all of you
"who have gone before me and know better."

My current interests in architecture are twofold:

1) architectural forms from the application of new building
technologies such as tensile structures, photo-selective
materials, .... etc.

2) asian and islamic architectural history and influences

I would like to look into a graduate program with particular
interests and/or strengths in these two focus areas. Do you
know of any or could you suggest where would be "THE" place
to research this information? i.e., without going through
the homepages or catalogs of each and every school.
Please forward any thoughts and suggestions to my
e-mail address:

Sincerely, and with thanks,

Ronald Chung