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Thread: Feng shui in urban planning

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    Feng shui in urban planning

    What do you think about the relation of urban planning and Fengshui

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    Feng Shui

    I'm interested in Feng Shui.

    I think road is important for this subject.

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    feng shiu

    did I spell it right?

    Anyway, Feng Shiu is a carry over of ancient Chinese elder worship taught by Confucious. It is superstition and tradition of China that is still quite Confucious in style and substance.

    Shamans laid out old villages according to physcial factors and superstition. Californians will jump on any fad and that is what is it today. Chinese superstition being used in New Urbanist crowded communities. But, thats a whole new topic.

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    Feng Shui

    I did my disseration on the subject. I compared Feng Shui with the phenomenology of place.
    What was concluded (in my opinion) was that both aspects dealt with architecture
    using a different approach. One used a more spiritual approach while the other was more philosophical.

    I'm sure that, when it comes to Urban Planning, it would be advantagous to consider both approachs.

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    Feng Shui

    I am also interested in this subject, and am trying to do a research paper on the principles of fend shui and its incorporation in archtecture. I'd love to hear what you wrote about, and if you could offer any help in finding resources, I'd really appreciate it. Please e-mail me if you have some time. Any comments would help!!

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    Thesis in Feng shui

    I thick design according through Feng Shui is Ecological because it is basically base on natural and common sense. Some believe but some reject but the western country now a day has slowly believe in it. I do believe that the relation of urban planning should include certain Feng Shui theory there fore it create a better living in the community. The good example is Hong Kong. Just look at the development. The Feng Shui of the country is very good. not only Hong Kong Other city which has good feng shui also be so developed, Kuala LUmpur in Malaysia another example. Some may comment that Hong Kong is not ecological because of too many highrise and no green in the city. But in my point of view Ecological doesn't necessary mean that it must be green in the city area. But it is just one of the consideration.You have to compare the energy use and the dense of the city. According to my lecturer Paul Downton Hong Kong is the country which it is most dense and use the least energy city in the world. Los Angela may be developed but compare to Hong Kong, the energy use per person per hectar is actually more than 10 times more than hong kong.

    That all my comment. I also study on Feng Shui in Building design whether it is ecological or not in "Ecological Architecture" and Feng Shui in Urban Planning in subject "Urbanity and Landscape". Hope you can e-mail to me too and suggest me some site. I am a student in study in Bachelor of Architecture 2nd year. Hope to receive your reply soon. O.K. Bye!!!


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    Feng Shui in building design. Whether it is ecological or no

    Feng Shui being apply more than 5000 years ago in China. Most of the theory in it was base on nature and common sense. so, I recognised it is ecological. What do you think?

    I will be very appreciate on your comment and it will be good also if you have any suggestion I can refer in the web.

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    Feng Shui is good for urban design and planning that it brin

    The most important point in urban planning is to create a better place for community to live in. Feng Shui theory included all though requirement. What do you think about it and is it suitable for urban planning???

    Thank you very much for your comment. It will be very good as well if you have some web site suggestion.

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    Feng Shui in building design. Please Explain What &quot;

    Dear Clinton Ooi:

    Before we can comment on your question, you might want to explain -in some detail- just what "Feng Sui" is or means! I would be willing to bet that 95% of those who read your posting have not the faintest idea what you are talking about but are too polite to question you!

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    Feng Shui

    Strictly speaking, Feng Shui is not an urban design philosophy, but rather a religious belief. Its chief aim is not to properly design cities, but instead to deter or appease alleged spiritual forces. Having personally worked on architectural projects which were then evaluated based on Feng Shui principles, I would have to say it is an arbitrary and absolutely assinine system adhered to by superstitious people who are horribly deceived. As to whether it leads to greater prosperity, I can't say that this would necessarily be a good litmus test given that some of America's worst development is also highly profitable.

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    Feng Shui

    I am brand new to the net as well as to Feng Shui. I am looking for a chat line that will discuss basic Feng Shui. Can you advise?

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    Feng Shui

    TOM....... Be nice! I have (physically) worked in the far east (Taiwan, Indonesia, and So Korea) for a number of years and am, quite familiar with what Clinten Ooi is talking about. What I was trying to do was to draw him out to see what he has in mind. Your "sledge hammer" approach will not accomplish that. Native far-easterners, who are not familiar with our direct and sometimes "in-your-face" approach to things, are turned off by that and withdraw politely (so that YOU won't lose face) from the conversation. Result? You've won the battle but lost the war. AND, you may just have lost out on some very valuable insights you could have gained!

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    Cultural Etiquette

    Bill, point taken. Having lived in Tokyo for some time myself, I am acquanted with some of the cultural dynamics you describe. The in-your-face approach can be highly effective on American editorial pages, but may not be appropriate in cross-cultural discourse. The dilemma here is that the audience is to a large degree unknown. Always learning.

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    feng shiu

    If anyone has anything (books, etc) on feng shiu, I REALLY NEED IT for my senior project!!! Mail me!!! Thanx--Mike

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