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Thread: Street design guidelines

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    Street design guidelines

    Hello from Izmir, TURKEY
    Dear All,
    I need case studies and principles of street design guidelines for
    residential streets.
    If you could inform me this or if you can put me in contact with anyone
    interested in these subjects I would be very much pleased. If you can send
    me e-mail or fax it would be very much helpful.

    Best regards,

    Koray Velibeyoglu

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    street design guideline

    Hello, Koray,

    I could send you street design guidelines (plans and sections) that are used by the City of Montréal.
    Please let me know if that might be of interest to you, and I will scan the documents and send them to you.

    Wade Eide, architect

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    street design guideline

    hi from winnipeg. mb
    i would like some basic
    information on residential street design.
    it would be greatly appreciated if you
    e-mail me this information asap.


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