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Thread: Trail head staging areas for Yosemite Park

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    Trail head staging areas for Yosemite Park

    Anyone interested about this new topic in California, please post a couple of messages. I am part of a group that is about to plan an area down the mountain from Yosemite to shuttle people in and out of Yosemite Park. There are various issues and interesting ideas surrounding this idea.

    Did anyone see the piece on Nightline last Friday night? They discussed this and it was quite interesting.

    Please give your take or ideas on the access issue for a national park.

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    Yosemite trail head staging area

    I am currently designing a staging area for shuttle and camping access to Yosemite about 40 miles from the park entrance. This is a new step in control of access to our national parks, anyone have any ideas or suggestions on such a facility?

    It will be a mixed use area, with recreational and commercial uses, but the local populace is against the project (NIMBY's), but it will happen because of the political ramifications (Boxer, Feinstein). Interesting project, lets talk about it.

    This forum needs an enema... the architecture forum is full of discussions and feedback. All that goes on here is students looking for someone to do their research for them. Lets get some planners motivated here. All the students will be out of school. If you want something, you usually have to give something in return...

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    Trail head staging areas for Yosemite ParK

    I do alot of backpacking in the high sierra during the summer
    and would be very interested in a shuttle to my trail head
    if I parked outside the park. I would be coming in from 120.
    Biggest problem is time the shuttle would run. I'm usually
    there before traffic gets bad and I would not like to wait

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