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Thread: Growth management/land use plan for resort/retirement communities

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    Growth management/land use plan for resort/retirement communities

    I'm working with a fast growing resort/retirement community in NC wanting a Comprehensive Land Use Plan. I'm interested in other similar communities (fast growing, attractive area for retirees) as models. Moore County, NC is the home of the golf capital of the nation (Pinehurst) but also has a rural nature. Comments are welcome.

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    Growth Management/Land Use Plan for Resort/Retirement Commun


    Retirement is not usually quite as large a component of the action in the West as in the SE, but some places that have plans you may wish to look at include Park City, UT (very progressive, strict planning, emphasis on historic preservation), Red Lodge, MT (more rural, conservative, but begining to be a bit progressive), and Polson, MT (a city that is into golf, too, though in a smaller way). If you are not aware of it, you should also look at some work Randolph Hester did several years in Manteo, NC. It is not as easy to find progressive county plans. Fremont County, ID (which is beginning to have retirees as well as recreationists) has been successfully using an interesting performance based plan and development code since 1992 that would be a model for many relatively rural counties that are experiencing amenity-based growth. I can tell you how to get a copy of that plan, if you are interested (a new edition is at the printer right now). If you are interested in performance approaches to growth management, you should also take a look at a recent PAS Report, #461. If you want to follow up on any of these suggestions, you can reply via email or call 208-232-1277 and ask for Lee.

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    Growth Management/Land Use Plan for Resort/Retirement Commun

    I am trying to find a list of retirement communities in NC. Would appreciate any information on how I can get this. Thank YOU

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