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Thread: Redevelopment public/private financing

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    Redevelopment public/private financing

    I am working on a volunteer basis with a committee charged with proposing redevelopment/revitalization plans for a small Florida waterfront city. I need to find examples of such efforts in other similar cities where financing of redevelopment efforts was a public/private joint venture. In the case of this particular city, the municipal government is willing to take out a loan; the committee is seeking grant sources and the merchant population is willing to be assessed. Any ideas would be welcomed.

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    Redevelopment Public/Private Financing

    Have you had any sucess? we are a private company looking to build a hospital, school, etc. under similar arrangements with the government.

    I wouldn't mind a few leads if you have them. I did turn up something at www.worldbank.org/html/extpb/abshtml/13067.htm if you are interested.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Redevelopment Public/Private Financing

    I am a graduate student of such developments. Dublin, Ireland is an example of such a public/private partnership. The government provided incentives which attracted developers to the area. Private companies then developed the land which remains in the ownership of the state. Profits are shared between the state and the private companies.

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