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Thread: Architecture thesis ideas

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    Architecture thesis ideas

    Hi, thanks for hitting this spot I'm an Architecture student at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane Australia.

    I'm trying to complete one of those ugly thesis things and would appreciate any ideas or opinions on the role of the Architect particularly the role in the design & construct process (better known as design/build).

    Any feedback will be gratefully appreciated. And if you know any good Web sites to visit add them on the bottom.

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    Research Help!!!

    I am doing the exact same thing. I have a lot of info on legal issues, but looking for more issues (non-legal, and specific to landscape architecture. Tomorrow I can give you a decent list of websites, and other info you may need. E-mail me back, and let's see what we can exchange. My presentation is due in two weeks (not a thesis, but pretty major anyway)!

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