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Thread: Architecture and any digital/computer media influence

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    Architecture and any digital/computer media influence

    I am a reasearch assistant getting a little frustrated...I'm looking
    for information about how information and computer and digital technology
    are changing the design process in firms and schools and how these
    technologies may be changing the way we look at our world.
    I'm looking for someone is (or knows others) doing research in this topic
    who may be willing to discuss the issue and share resources

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    A new classification system and computer aided design


    I am a practising architect; involved with computers for
    the last 10 years or so. I have developed a new
    classification system for architectural elements that
    I believe help in succintly representing architectural

    I am of the opinion that unless we find a clearcut way
    to store architectural information objectively, we may
    not make much headway in making computers actually
    contributing to the design process.

    This taxonomy has been implemented in an unconventional
    computer Aided design software. This work has been
    taken up by a software company; Tangent Software, and
    you can get more details at:


    You could even register yourself for a free copy of
    the beta version of the software.

    This way of representing architecture on computers has
    helped my practice considerably, and that
    aspect may interest you.

    I would appreciate if you can give some feedback on the
    same; especially the classification system - which is
    available as one of the links on the main page.


    Sabu Francis

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