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Thread: Grain silo adaptive reuse

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    Grain silo adaptive reuse

    I am a masters architecture student at the Mackintosh
    school of Architecture, Scotland. I am looking for
    information on the proposed development of derelict
    grain silos or those that have been rennovated for modern

    contact address would be very useful

    thanks karen

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    grain silos

    karen, Quaker Oats Company out of Chicago, Ill USA once owned an oatmeal manufacturing facility in Akron, Ohio USA.Obviously, there was plenty of vertical grain storage attached to the oat mill. About 20 years ago that facility was sold to private interests in the Akron, Ohio area. It has been converted to a major tourist attraction there and has shops, museums, restaurants and (I think) the silos themselves were converted to pie shapped hotel rooms. If you contact the Chamber of Commerce in Akron, Ohio they will probably be able to send you some photos. Let me know how you come along. Best regards,

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