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Thread: Loft housing / redevelopment in Europe

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    Loft housing / redevelopment in Europe

    Hi, I'm an urban planner from Sweden. We are currently redeveloping an old industrial area of Stockholm with many attractive early 20th century industrial buildings. I am looking for any materials/contact people on the subject of redeveloping industrial housing for residential use. Specifically, we are wondering about finance schemes, possible buyers (age, household structure, etc.) and whether people in lofts prefer to buy or rent. Are nearby cultural activities important to these groups? Any advice is appreciated.


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    loft housing

    That sounds very interesting. As a german architekt who lived some years in Berlin, I saw nice old industrial places that were transformed to dwelling places. Due to our kids we moved to Sweden - to småland, where we do not find places like that - just forest around us. But I would like to know more about Your project - perhaps we will move to Stockholm one day - who kwows? Would like to hear from You!

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