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Thread: Unregistered Japanese architect getting work - how?]

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    Unregistered Japanese architect getting work - how?]

    I recently saw a segment on Good Morning America about a Japanese "Architect" that was awarded the design contract in Texas for a museum of fine art. But I wonder how he can do it legally?

    He is a citizen of Japan, has no formal architectural training as he is self-taught, has no "apprenticeship" in either the U.S. or Japan, and is not a registered Architect in Japan or Texas or any other US State. He is not associated with any architectural firm in Texas or the U.S.

    How can he do this without a registration as an Architect? If I were to do this as an unregistered person, I would be nailed to the cross with all the Architects cheering with the hamering of each nail!!!!

    But then again, Frank Lloyd Wright wasn't a registered Architect either.

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    How can he do it????!

    In Reply to: How can he do it????! posted by BartB on March 03, 1998 at 21:05:33:

    Its easy, and its done all the time by american architects overseas, and foreign designers (whether "architects" or not)here in the u.s. You simply form a relationship with a registered architect, who assumes responsibility, and stamps the project. This way, the local firm provides expertise with code, filing, local trades and practices while the visitor provides the design expertise.

    When you think about it, this is how many firms are organized internally anyway. Hate to disabuse you of your crucifiction complex, but many, many people engaged in architectural design are not licensed. Luis Barragan was trained as a poet you know.

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    How can he do it????!

    I saw the same thing that Bart did. The Japanese "Architect" was doing the design work strictly on his own. He was NOT associated with any registered Architect or architectural firm. I too, would like to know how is he doing the work and why the Architects are letting him do it?

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