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Thread: Tschumi's deconstruction

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    Tschumi's deconstruction

    i'm a third year student in LICT. recently i'm doing on deconstruction of bernard tschumi
    what do u think about his deconstruction on event. a space that can allow any activities happened.

    and his wrote about the paradox of architecture- pyramid anf lyberient. architecture can never be built in reality

    hope u can share your opinion

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    Tschumi's deconstruction


    tschumi's architecture and disjunction 1994 presents a healthy dosage of decon madness.
    written works by related madmen may help: Christopher Norris, the Derrida article and symphony piece in Deconstruction II (which I believe is still in the lib if it hasn't already been stolen), Derrida himself who retrospected about tschumi's folies which are very much about event and deconstructed events.

    worse comes to worse, smoke out the tutors with total derrida non-allegiance and shoot your argument in the foot before they can.

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    Tschumi's deconstruction

    The Tschumi's deconstruction is not important , wat is important is yours' .!! A GOOD DESIGN IS TO HAVE NO DESIGN BASE

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