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Thread: Architecture at SUNY Buffalo

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    Architecture at SUNY Buffalo

    It would be nice if someone would read this mail and help me answer my question.

    Next year I am allowed to study fee free at the State niversity of New York. And now I'd like some info on what, how and where I can study architecture. Is buffalo the only place?? And what is the level of Buffalo compared to the level of the Columbia University?? I know that the educational level of Buffalo is something less than the level of New York, but tell me about it. If you're an architecture student in your fifth year, please tell me all about what you are doing for the classes, and so on!!!!

    Esther van de Geijn,

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    Architecture in Buffalo.

    I Graduated From Suny Buffalo In 1987

    Ther E Are Incredible Houses In Many Of Buffalo's Neighborhoods, A Building By Louis Sullivan In Downtown And Three Franl Lloyd Wright Houses Also. There Is Much In Terms Of Craftsman, Shingle, And Many Other Wood House Styles And There Is A Good Selection Of Masonry Homes As Well ,one Of The Best Cities For Homes Built Before The Recent Modern Era Many Neihborhoods Date From The Late 1800's And Early 1900's. You Do Not Have A Scholarship To Columbia So Do Not Worry About Comparison Shopping , The Rich Folks Who Go To Columbia Get No Better And Education Do To Famous Name Teachers Or Due To The Campus Location In The Former Nieu Amsteerdam Now Manhattan. Go To Buffalo And Have A Great Year. Contact Me At Email Address , Sincerely,

    Thomas Antonio Lafranca

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    Architecture in Buffalo.

    Well esther, Buffalo is a fantastic city. Unfortunatley most people don't agree with me. Buffalo used to be the USA's leading city in industry. Therefore lots of jobs lots of money to expand our city's art and architecture. When the jobs moved away so did the money. We now have lots of problems with our architecture. We don't have the money to take care of it anymore. I have to go. We'll talk later.

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